European Conference „Sustainable Workplace in Europe“

Experience of past years proved that open leadership, transparency of services and salaries, short ways of communication and decision plus the improvement of optical, functional and ergonomic environment will be acknowledged by enterprises and public institutions. The recipe of success in terms of implementation of sustainable and modern workplaces in Europe and Germany as well as the acceptance by managers and employees will be discussed on the 2nd European Conference “Sustainable Workplace in Europe, November 17-18 in Berlin.

The conference persues the following goals:

> Definition of integrated, sustainable and modern workplaces supported by examples of Scandinavia and Germany

> Design of integrated sustainable and modern workplaces

> Soft factors of integrated sustainable and modern workplaces: light, wall to wall carpeting, wall painting, accoustics

> Future orientated and feasable design of a modern workplace: better and more efficient access to modern communication, lean management, quick decision-making , flexible offices, extra space for meetings and conceptional working, less built up areas

> New work implements a comprehensive approach, which requires joint work of architects, facility managers, engineers, city planners, state officials, sociologists and analysts

> Compatibility of workplace and living space in the city under aspects of urban planning and the sociological point of view; also a locational factor for cities

> The global workplace: at home, in the office, in the airport or in a Café

> Change Management

> Marketplace of ideas

> European business-networking

Organizer/ Concept and Managing

The European Group for Future Workspace is a group of well-known german and scandinavian architects, Professors and practitioners, founded in 2005, with the goal to support actively the implementation of sustainable and modern workplaces in enterprises and public institutions in Europe. The strategy implies conferences as well as the building and support of an European network.

Congress und Presse, one of the founders of the  European Group for Future Workspace, arranges and realizes congresses, workshops and exhibitions in Germany and Europe since 2002 with a comprehensive approach. This includes media work also. The office Congress und Presse, located in Bonn, Germany, arranges the events in close contact and cooperation with its partners.


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