2nd European Conference „Sustainable Workplace in Europe“, 17./18. November 2011, Berlin

The European Conference „Sustainable Workplace in Europe“ will be hold 17-18 November in the Embassy of Baden-Württemberg in Berlin for the second time. The organizers are members of the private initiative „European Group of Future Workspace“, founded in 2005 in Bonn, Germany. The influence of soft factors will be in the center of attention as well as lectures about innovative and creative office spaces, models of future offices in Europe and the Design of modern workspaces in general.

Wellknown speakers from Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland like Rogier van der Heide, Chief design officer at Philips Lighting; Stefan Camenzind from Camenzind Evolution, Switzerland; Bernd Fels, Quickborner Team, Hamburg, Germany and Steen Enrico Andersen, PLH Arkitekter will be part of the ambitious programme.

Recieve more information about the conference and participation: martina.schuetz@sustainable-workplace.eu

Martina Schütz M.A. impressions of the event (2008) download program
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